Journals Vol.38 No.2

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Influence of Counseling Intervention on the Effectiveness of Aromatherapy with Bergamot Oil in Healthy Women Volunteers Measured with a Brain Monitoring System … Minae ISAWA, Shio INOUE, Hiroshi ITOH, Tomohiro NISHIMURA, Masatoshi TOMI, Hideyo SHIMADA, Hidetsugu SAITO, Emi NAKASHIMA … 81
Key words: aromatherapy, influence of counseling, near-infrared spectroscopy, the laterality index.
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Evaluation of Multilayered Stratum Corneum by Image Analysis System … Masanori HAMAGUCHI, Fumihiro HATTORI, Shigeo NOMURA … 87
Key words: stratum corneum, image analysis.
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Dry Skin Induced Itch-Mechanisms and Managements … Kenji TAKAMORI … 92
Key words: dry skin, intractable itch, axonal guidance molecule, emollient, UV-based therapy.
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The Point at Issue of Appropriate Use of Topical Use Drugs … Michiteru OOTANI … 96
Key words: ointments, creams, moisturizers, appropriate use, admixture.
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My Impressive Memory of the Society of Cosmetic Science … Yukio KUROIWA … 103
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Technical Information … 105
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 133
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 136
Announcement … 139