Journals Vol.40 No.2

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Regular Article

Influence of Counseling Intervention on the Stress-Reducing Effect of Bergamot Oil and on the Concentration-Improving Effect of Rosemary Oil in Aromatherapy … Minae ISAWA, Risako KOH, Hiroshi ITOH, Tomohiro NISHIMURA, Masatoshi TOMI, Hideyo SHIMADA, Hidetsugu SAITO, Emi NAKASHIMA … 79
Key words: aromatherapy, clinical study, influence of counseling, blood flow in interior frontal cortex, resilience.

Dysfunction of Endoplasmic Reticulum in Dermal Fibroblasts Induced by UV Irradiation Is Involved in Skin Photoaging … Hiroyuki YAMABA, Hiroshi TANAKA, Youichi YASHIRO, Satoru NAKATA … 87
Key words: endoplasmic reticulum, photoaging, fibroblast, collagen, transport vesicle.


Structure and Function of Sebaceous Glands … Masaaki ITO … 93
Key words: sebaceous glands, sebaceous follicle, sebum, ageing, sebaceous gland hyperplasia.

The Human Skin Microbiome in Acne … Shuta TOMIDA … 97
Key words: skin microbiome, acne, atopic dermatitis, genomic technology.

Acne and Psychodermatology … Yuko HIGAKI … 103
Key words: acne, QOL, scratching behavior, self-care, stress.


Hideya ANDO … 108

Technical Information … 110
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 142
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 145
Announcement … 147