Journals Vol.29 No.4

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Development of New Whitening Agents with Hydroquinone Stabilized by the Complex Formation with Surfactants and the Evaluation for Melanogenesis Inhibitory Effect and Skin Stimulus … Nahoko IIMURA, Tomohiro MARUYAMA, Shuji KITAGAWA, Yuji OHASHI … 301
Key words: whitening agent, hydroquinone complex, stabilization-of-agent, clinical evaluation, structure analysis.
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Usefulness of Medical Care Makeup … Nobukazu HAYASHI … 314
Key words: medical care makeup, acne, cosmetics, quality of life, atopic dermatitis.
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Usefulness of Makeup … Osamu HIROSE … 319
Key words: makeup, psychological effects, endocrine system, stress.
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Progress in Brain Research on Physiopsychological Benefits of Cosmetics … Masahiro TANIDA … 324
Key words: brain activities, contingent negative variation, homeostasis system, near-infrared spectroscopy, hemispheric asymmetry.
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Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Odorant Perception … Kazushige TOUHARA … 330
Key words: odorant, olfactory receptor, olfactory neurons, pheromone.
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The Concept of Rehabili-Make® (Make-up for Rehabilitation) … Reiko KAZKI … 335
Key words: Rehabili-Make®, concept, make-up method, reintegration into society, case report.
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