Journals Vol.31 No.4

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Regular Articles

Change of Hair Ultra-Structure Caused by Hair Damage … Tomoyuki KAWASOE, Taizo FUJIYAMA, Hideki SHIMIZU … 273
Key words: hair, Transmission Electron Microscope, Scanning Probe Microscope, ultra-structure, endocuticle.
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Anti-angiogenesis Activity of Astaxanthin … Yumika OKADA, Masaharu ISHIKURA … 280
Key words: astaxanthin, anti-angiogenesis, MMP, vascular endothelial cell, tube formation.
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Measurement and Evaluation of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation in School Environments … Reikichi MUNEKIYO, Midori NAKAMURA, Akemi UCHIYAMA, Etsuyo SUGIYAMA, Yukio HIGUCHI … 284
Key words: solar ultraviolet radiation, school environment, UV-A, UV-B.
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Regulation of Water Balance within the Body and Aquaporins … Sei SASAKI … 291
Key words: aquaporin, water, channel, skin.
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The Role of Tight Junctions in the Epidermal Barrier Function … Mikio FURUSE … 296
Key words: tight junctions, claudin, epidermal barrier, TEWL, stratum granulosum.
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Symposium II

The Influence of Global Warming and the Urban Warming … Nobuyuki HIRAI … 302
Key words: global warming, the urban warming, greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, IPCC.
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Effect of UV Irradiation on the Hyaluronan Metabolism in Epidermis … Ikuko KAKIZAKI … 308
Key words: hyaluronan, hyaluronan synthase, UV, keratinocytes.
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The Influence of Dry Environment on Skin … Yoshikazu HIRAI, Mikayo FUTAGAWA … 312
Key words: corneocyte, thick abrasion, cellular arrangement, water vapor concentration.
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Prevention of Skin Aging by Estrogen … Naoko KANDA … 318
Key words: estrogen, cyclin D2, GM-CSF, HB-EGF, Bcl-2.
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Barrier and Water Holding Function of Stratum Corneum … Yutaka TAKAGI … 325
Key words: ceramide, acylceramide, lamellae structure, profile, LC-MS.
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Observation of Dermal Collagen Fiber with Second-Harmonic-Generation Imaging … Takeshi YASUI … 330
Key words: second-harmonic-generation, collagen, femtosecond laser, dermis, microscope.
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