Journals Vol.33 No.4

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Regular Articles

Canarium album Leaves Extract Inhibits Abnormal Follicular Keratinization Induced by Lipid Peroxide … Takumi TOCHIO, Hiroshi TANAKA, Satoru NAKATA … 279
Key words: Canarium album, abnormal follicular keratinization, lipid peroxide, IL-1α.
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Research on Aging Mechanism of Cutaneous Capillary Vessels … Yuhko MURAKAMI, Hiroshi TANAKA, Satoru NAKATA … 284
Key words: capillary vessel, aging, AT4, PAI-1, HMVEC.
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Discovery of the New Element ! ―The 113th Element, Occupying a New Sheet in the Periodic Table ?― … Kosuke MORITA … 290
Key words: new element, nuclear fusion reaction, alpha-decay, spontaneous fission.
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Symposium II

Testosterone Makes Men … Shigeo HORIE … 294
Key words: testosterone, metabolic syndrome, vasopressin, longevity.
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Muscular Exercise-Induced Activation of Endocrine and Metabolic Systems … Naokata ISHII … 300
Key words: growth hormone, catecholamine, resistance exercise, restriction of blood flow, metabolite-mediated reflex.
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The Actual Situation of Men's Skincare ―Condition, Appearance and Consciousness of Self-Skin― … Kazuyoshi ONISHI … 305
Key words: sebum, micro texture, brightness, glare, skincare.
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Development of Aroma Confectionary Using Aromatic Compounds Released from Human Skin … Tadashi KOBAYASHI … 312
Key words: rose oil, skin gas, geraniol, body odor, vitamin C.
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