Journals Vol.34 No.3

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Regular Article

The Change of the Subcutaneous Tissue of the Face by the Deeper Skin Tissues Massage … Mayumi OHTSUKA, Haruhito KAZAMA, Mitsuyuki HOTTA, Masanori TANAHASHI, Takashi KITAHARA … 177
Key words: B-mode ultrasound, massage, face line, sag, subcutaneous fat.
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A Proposal from a Dermatologist to the Cosmetic Industry for UV Protection and Healthy Skin … Akira KAWADA … 185
Key words: cosmeceuticals, photoaging, sunscreen, anti-wrinkle product, guideline.
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What Are Good Faces ?―Faces in Daily Life― … Hiroshi HARASHIMA … 190
Key words: facial studies, computer graphics, good faces.
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Symposium II

Photo-aging and Elastic Fiber … Shingo TAJIMA … 193
Key words: lysozyme, solar elastosis, advanced glycation end product, elastin, photo-aging.
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Skin Care for Cutaneous Photoaging … Satoshi AMANO … 198
Key words: photoaging, basement membrane, laminin, angiogenesis, MMP.
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Molecular Mechanism of Melanin Transport and Its Application … Mitsunori FUKUDA … 204
Key words: Griscelli syndrome, melanogenic enzyme, melanosome, membrane traffic, Rab effector.
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The Treatment of Photoaging Skin in Dermatology … Haruyo SASAYA, Akira KAWADA … 209
Key words: Intense Pulsed Light, photoaging, skin pigmentation, wrinkles.
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Original Report Abstracts of 35th Annual Meeting … 214
Technical Information … 238
Book Review … 259
Reports on Related Research Meetings … 261
Notice on Related Research Meetings … 265
Topic … 268
Announcement … 273