Journals Vol.26 No.4

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Hair-Growing Activity of Procyanidin B-2 … Tomoya TAKAHASHI, Ayako KAMIMURA, Asako KOBAYASHI, Takako HAMAZONO, Yoshiharu YOKOO, Shinkichi HONDA, Yasushi WATANABE … 225
Key words: apple, grape seeds, hair growth, male pattern baldness, proanthocyanidins.
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Presidential Address

The Paradigm Shift of the Drug Concept ―For disease treatment by large molecular medicines … Tadanori MAYUMI … 234
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An Approach to the Development of Standardized Evaluation Methods for Cosmetics and Skin Care Products―Introduction― … Hachiro TAGAMI … 239
Key words: bioengineering, EEMCO, efficacy, evidence-based medicine, guideline.
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Standardization of the Method for Evaluation of the Function of Cosmetics Suggestion from a Dermatologist … Hirotsugu TAKIWAKI … 243
Key words: dermatology, cosmetology, randomized study, standardized method.
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From the Viewpoint for Evaluating the Efficacy Test … Hiroshi TOKUNAGA … 246
Key words: efficacy test for cosmetics, evaluation, pharmaceutical affairs act.
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The Present Situation of Efficacy Test in Japanese Cosmetic Industry … Motoji TAKAHASHI … 250
Key words: efficacy test, regulation, standardization, questionnaire.
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Establishment of a Guideline for Measuring Wrinkles by Japan Cosmetic Industry Association … Kunio MIMURA … 256
Key words: efficacy evaluation, wrinkles, guideline, image analysis, quantitative determination of wrinkles.
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How Should Be the Standardization of Evaluation Methods ―Summary and proposal … Tadanori MAYUMI … 259
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Technical Information … 261
Book Review … 276
Report … 279
Contents to vol. 26 … 282
Announcement … 287