Journals Vol.36 No.1

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Regular Articles

Bactericidal Activity of Quaternium-15 and Its Decomposition Products against Aerobic Bacteria … Keiji KAJIMURA, Takahiro DOI, Akiko ASADA, Akihiro TAKEDA, Takaomi TAGAMI … 1
Key words: quaternium-15, decomposition product, formaldehyde, bactericidal activity, aerobic bacteria.
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Development of a Useful Method for Assessing Sensory Irritancy of Cosmetics … Nanae MUGITA, Yutaka TAKAHASHI, Hitoshi SAKAGUCHI, Naohiro NISHIYAMA … 7
Key words: current perception threshold(CPT),lactic acid, past history of allergic diseases, self-perceived sensitive skin (SPSS),sensory perception test.
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Recent Advances in Anti-aging Dental Medicine … Ichiro SAITO … 13
Key words: anti-aging, dental medicine, oral health care, saliva.
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Understanding of Acne … Hirohiko AKAMATSU … 17
Key words: acne vulgaris, pathogenesis, Propionibacterium acnes, comedo formation, induction of inflammation, therapy. Full pages of Paper

Approaching for Charm Lip—Lip Physiology and Treatment— … Rie HIKIMA … 23
Key words: lip chapping, aging, lip color, morphology, lip treatment.
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To Provide Oral Care Products that Empower Women to Look and Feel Their Best Everyday … Takayuki ONIKI … 30
Key words: stain, pellicle, crowded teeth, gum.
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